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Web Design, Domain Name Registration & Hosting Training


Not everyone is destined to become the next Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg, but applying digital skills to your work can work wonders even if you work in a company or are a freelancer. You might already have a set of these skills but polishing them and adding a few more can take you to the next level.
Have you ever wondered how e-commerce website such as, are designed? Or do you want to have your own blog website such as, or forum like
You will also learn how to accept online payment on your website with Interswitch, Mastercard, Visa Card, Verve Card etc for free.
Our experienced track record proven instructors are poised to teach you the techniques to develop effective online presence without struggling with programming codes.
The beauty of this training is that you can keep your existing job, work from home and still reap the benefits as any other webmasters in the world. Resources: Free softwares and ebooks
Every business today wants to go online. Consequently, business owners want a mobile-friendly, responsive and attention-grabbing website to stand out in the crowd. As a result, even content management systems like WordPress cannot replace the need for Web designers.
According to, annual Web Designer salary is $73,486, as of January 02, 2018, with a range usually between $62,913 – $83,980; depending on a variety of factors. In the month of December 2017 alone, I did 5 websites & got paid N140,000 for the least of them.
Even if you start with charging N50,000/website and only able to complete 4 sites in a month, you would be earning an average of N200,000, which is far above what the average 9-5 rate race salary earner takes home monthly. This you can achieve from the comfort of your home
This is in addition to the regular maintenance fees you would be charging your clients, plus annual renewal fees, as websites are renewed on annual basis in most cases. I charge 50% annual fee of initial payment, even as I have some clients paying N200,000 annually since 2009
If you start off with an average of 4 jobs/month, in just a year’s time, you would have gotten 48 clients who would collectively pay you a minimum of N1,200,000.00 yearly to renew their websites, that’s if you charge as low as N50,000/site, and you can double this figure yearly!
As listed at and, my web design packages range from N15,000 to N800,000, even though I am on the verge of signing a 1 million naira deal with an association for an integrated project that could take up to a month to complete.
Interestingly, web design has evolved over the years as web designing is no longer as technical and difficult as many still think it is. Thanks to those developing easy to use or drag and drop web design applications. I will teach you how to build stunning websites within a week
You can make more money buying and selling domain names, which is legally allowed. All you need do is carefully research popular brands that are yet to embrace the internet, register their names, wait for them to wake up from their slumber or prospect them to buy off the domains
Some of the most expensive domain names sold are: - $35.6 million - $35 million - $30.18 million - $18 million
These domains were originally bought at the regular price of $10 - $15
For example, you can register or at N5,000 and N15,000 respectively, in anticipation that someday, the owners of these brands will come asking for them, and they'll be at your mercy - meaning a lot of cool money for you. I will show you how...
One On One Training:
Duration : 31 days
Training cost: NGN250,000 only
At the end of the training you will get your own website at free of charge to start your web design, hosting and domain registration business forthwith.
I'm proposing to teach you some essential global and 'mobile' skills that will cost you little or nothing, within the shortest time possible, yet equip you to survive profitably anywhere you find yourself in the world, be it in the labor market or as a private business person
The skills in question are basically ICT skills you already know or possess but never thought could be developed and consolidated, so there's nothing to worry about, as you do not need to reinvent the wheel. I'm going to simplify them as simple as ABC for you!
Before I finally settled on these skills, I had done sales of foodstuff, petroleum products, video clubbing, journalism, barbing, scriptwriting, hawking, business center, traditional marketing, etc. None of these businesses gave me the fulfillment freedom I enjoy today!
I may not have made billions but since I acquired these skills and learnt these businesses over a decade ago, I have never been completely broke, as there's no passing day I don't make money, including weekends & holidays. Making money daily, however small, extends one's lifespan.
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